Welcome to Kuwait’s Physical Therapy Association (KPTA)


Kuwait Physical Therapy Association is a voluntary association that comprises of physical therapists in Kuwait.  The association is a professional and specialized forum for all physical therapists to collaborate on numerous aspects such as ethical practice, appropriate measuring of professional conduct and the equality of rights in the workplace.


Kuwait Physical Therapy Association’s Vision

By application of the law of ethics and conduct, the Kuwait Physical Therapy Association shall become an independent focal point for professional and continuous improving physical therapy service.



KPTA would like to share our main objectives, highlighting that these will remain high level objectives throughout our existence

  • Align physical therapy standards in Kuwait to match those regionally and internationally
  • Create and maintain independence
  • Promote team work amongst all physical therapists in Kuwait
  • Encourage alignment of goals between physical therapy professionals in the Ministry of Health, the Private Sector and Kuwait University
  • Promote regulation of physical therapy in the Private Sector
  • Apply T.D.P.T and D.P.T in Kuwait
  • Educate physical therapists and encourage involvement in KPTA


KPTA's Symposium 2016


Physical Therapy Day 8/9/2015


KPTA's Future Courses :