KPTA’s Symposium in “Specialized Medical Taping”

You will find all the updates regarding the KPTA’s symposium organized by the KPTA’s board  in cooperation with the KPTA’s Scientific committee and TapeConcept institute


Symposium Description Description:

This symposium is for P.T.’s only, and it will hold general lectures (open for free for all P.T.’s) and courses which has 16 CME points in each course.  This symposium is unique to any other by holding the 1st of a kind “Specialised Neurology taping” in the whole GCC region,  and there is a future plan to make an even bigger event with a variety of courses and specialities.

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Speakers & Trainers:

Harry Pijnappel:


Sport and Children physiotherapist and on top of that a “Mulligan” Manual Therapist. He has a private practice in Germany and is well-experienced in the concepts TapeConcept is working with. He is the author of the Medical Taping Manuel, which is used in many countries as a reference book. Furthermore he gives many seminars in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Courses trained by Dr. Harry in KPTA’s Congress: MTC – 01 Basic Course  ,  MTC-Application Technique for NeurologyCourse

Paul van Vliet:


Physical therapist from Germany.  He is currently working with Harry in “Medical Taping Techniques” book and in training the new techniques with Harry

Giving MTC-courses in Germany, Austria, Finnland, Sweden and The Netherlands

Writer and co-producer of many Medical taping articles and co-owner of tapingbase; the network site with Europe for Medical taping

Working in my own privat Physiotherapy Praxis

Working in a privat Physiotherapy Praxis

Courses trained by Paul in KPTA’s Symposium: MTC – 01 Basic Course , MTC-Application Techniques for Sports Injuries

Type of courses given in this Congress:

  • Basic Course   The Basic Course (MTC-01) is an introduction to the various techniques in the application of neuromuscular taping to as set of common pathologies faced by physical therapists  in rehabilitation and sports injuries. An introduction to Cross Taping and Lymphatic taping are presented as well.
  • Specialist course 1: Sports Course   The Sports Course (MTC-Application Techniques for Sports Injuries) is focused on applications to accelerate the rehabilitation process for those patients or athletes who have suffered sports related injuries. The course is open to physical therapists  who have completed a minimum of 15 hours in neuromuscular taping.
  • Specialist course 2: Neurology Course   This course is designed for allied health professional and medical personnel working with neurological patients of all ages. The practical applications and specific taping techniques (MTC) for both adults and children suffering from neurological disorders will be presented. The course is intended for those that work with patients with neurological disorders.

Symposium  timeline and dates:


Congress General Lectures: 15/1/2016 – 16/1/2016  (FREE Open for all P.T.’s  to join but Registration is required!)

Basic Courses:   15/1/2016 – 16/1/2016

Specialty Course – Sport – : 17/1/2016 – 18/1/2016

Specialty Course – Neurology – : 17/1/2016 – 18/1/2016

Detailed timeline will be announced later and courses timing and dates might be changed in the future !

!Early Registration is now OPEN until 17th December 2015!


  • KPTA members: 60 K.D. for one course and 100 K.D. for 2 courses
  • Non-KPTA member: 140 K.D. for 1 course and 200 K.D. for 2 courses

Please note the following:

  • The number of seats for each course and the general lectures are limited
  • Early registration will close on 17th of December 2015
  • All KPTA members should settle the annual fee for 2016
  • Participants who wish to register in specialized courses only should present a valid MTC – 01 Basic course certificate upon registration to complete their registration

To register in any course or the general lecture:

  • From Kuwait: please contact Scientific committee president Dr. Fahad Al-Quraini +965-55055073, or Dr. Eman Alsaqubi +965-97393823
  • From Outside Kuwait please send an email to (we accept only bank transfers or cash)